Tradition and Innovation

For two millennia, the waters of the Dead Sea are known for their beneficial properties for the body. Many people journeyed from afar to enjoy the benefits of this lake with high mineral content waters providing the body with the energy it needs to recharge. Legend has it that Cleopatra herself loved the soothing power of the waters of the Dead Sea and was taking mud baths to cure her skin.

Our team of creative beauty was seduced by the many properties of salts and minerals from the Dead Sea and inspired by the discoveries of today’s cosmetics. We have chosen to rely on traditional knowledge and new technologies to offer a range of beauty products that combine the best of nature with modern cosmetic knowledge.

Dead sea cosmetics, spa and massage


Because taking care of your skin every day is an intimate gesture, Eshel basic formulas are prepared from natural ingredients of high quality. We take the time to choose the best raw materials extracted with the safest methods so you can enjoy the benefits of nature with eyes closed. Minerals from the Dead Sea, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, nothing is too good for your skin. We care about your well-being but also about other living beings. Thus, we encourage the use of plant or mineral ingredients and we make you a promise that none of our products are tested on animals and never will.


The Dead Sea is a salt lake located in the Middle East, the concentration of his water in minerals is five to ten times greater than that of the waters of seas and oceans. The unrefined salt is used in our products to ensure optimal conservation of its benefits. We also use the black mud, natural marine sediment collected on the protected shores of the Dead Sea, far from sources of pollution. Calcium, potassium, magnesium, bromine, the list of trace elements essential to the vitality of our bodies contained in our products is long since the waters of the Dead Sea contain 27 minerals essential to our body. A true elixir of youth.



Every day we are thousands to survey the world, to live our eventful life and to look to find time between appointments to breathe and rejuvenate us. The rhythm of our days, climate change and pollution affect the capital vitality of our organizm. Simple actions such as a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle can help us cope with everyday challenges.

Travel and immerse yourself in a natural and exotic universe: the shores of the Dead Sea are now at the gates of your bathroom. Enjoy the softness of a sea breeze, the heady scents of jojoba oil, cocoa and sweet almond every morning, every night, every time you feel the need.

Because we know you don’t always have the opportunity to take time for yourself, our team of cosmetics designers wish to offer you beauty rituals and solutions tailored to your lifestyle, your needs, to provide you instantly relaxation, energy and well-being.

We put in our formulas all the love we have for our planet, for nature and for the benefits it offers us and inspire us every day. We hope that our creations Eshel will give you as much pleasure everyday as to us, when we imagined them.

Partez découvrir les rivages de la Mer Morte et profitez de la douceur de la brise marine
Prendre soin de sa peau au quotidien est un geste de proctection de votre capital beauté
Depuis deux millénaires, les eaux de la Mer Morte sont reconnues pour leurs vertus bienfaisantes pour le corps.

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We want to give another dimension to the welfare of the universe and bring up to date the tradition of mineral-based treatments from the Dead Sea by combining it to advances in modern cosmetics. Our formulas are carefully developed from natural ingredients selected for their high quality and their beneficial powers. All our ranges are guaranteed not tested on animals, because it is important for us to respect the environment and nature, perpetual inspiration for our beauty cosmetic ranges and wellbeing.