For maximum safety, we chose to use Cyberplus BRED as a secure payment solution.

sécurisation paiement en ligne

The security is via encryption technology SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is currently the most reliable and the most widespread on the Internet.
Your credit card number and expiration date are always encrypted and never travel unencrypted over the network. Blue cards VISA and Eurocard-MasterCard are accepted.

Protocol "3D Secure" : customer identification
To greatly reduce internet fraud and increase confidence in card payments and consolidate the dynamic of e-commerce, French banks have agreed to adopt a new regulation on credit card payments on the internet.
This regulation is based on the "3D Secure" protocol developed by the two international card networks, Visa and MasterCard (name Verifed by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code). This protocol was implemented on the payment platform Sogenactif / General Company for several years. Under this protocol, it is now up to the bank of the customer to check the identity of the holder of the ID card when he pays on the secure payment platform Sogenactif / Générale. This control is performed by the customer's bank, directly on the Internet with a method of its own (secret code, personal and confidential information, Reading box chip, ....)..



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After finalizing your order you will be redirected to the secure payment platform Paypal (SSL - 100% secure).
You can pay directly with your credit card numbers without having a PayPal account.
The cards accepted are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Carte Aurora, Cofinoga or Privilege, 4 étoiles.
Payment is safe and we have no access to your bank data being encrypted at your payment time.


After finalizing your order, you will be sent directly to the PayPal site to log in and pay in secure mode with your account.
No personal data will be transmitted to us.
You will not need to transmit your credit card data.


Manual transfer by RIB or IBAN : bank details to make the transfer are displayed when finalizing your order.
Orders are validated and processed after receipt of payment: this may take between 2 and 3 days (working days).

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