• Purifying réparalift capital mask Out Of Stock

    The collection B.B.S. of Eshel was designed specifically for black and colored skins. With its "Global Formula" B.B.S. combines the power of remineralizing 27 Minerals from the Dead Sea

    70,83 €
  • The collection HYALIGO is the new anti-aging collection! Rich in 27 minerals from the Dead Sea and in the antioxidant red algae, HYALIGO contains a new hyaluronic acid, derived from nanotechnology research: hyaluronic-Oligo acid.

    90,83 €
  • The magnetic firming mask is a powerful anti -aging treatment . Much research in cosmetics have been necessary for the development of this unique and innovative care .

    165,83 €
  • Masque Magnétique Out Of Stock

    Ibi victu recreati et quiete, postquam abierat timor, vicos opulentos adorti equestrium adventu cohortium, quae casu propinquabant, nec resistere planitie porrecta conati digressi sunt retroque concedentes omne iuventutis robur relictum in sedibus acciverunt.

    95,83 €
  • The collection MINERALS 27, rich with Dead Sea minerals enables effective and visible regeneration of cells. Each treatment brings specificity to beautify the skin, heal, restore all its original splendor.

    90,83 €
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We want to give another dimension to the welfare of the universe and bring up to date the tradition of mineral-based treatments from the Dead Sea by combining it to advances in modern cosmetics. Our formulas are carefully developed from natural ingredients selected for their high quality and their beneficial powers. All our ranges are guaranteed not tested on animals, because it is important for us to respect the environment and nature, perpetual inspiration for our beauty cosmetic ranges and wellbeing.